Pricing for visiting St Nectans Glen

There is no charge for visiting St Nectans Glen, however there is a small charge for visiting the waterfall.

For visiting the waterfall:

  • Admission charges apply dependent on season.
  • Children under 6 years old: free entry excluding groups and coach parties.
  • Corporate rates are available.

N.B. Entry to ourwoodland, café and shop is free of charge. We only charge for entry to the waterfall. All charges include VAT.

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High Season
family 2 + 2 or 3£13.95£17.95£20.50£16.00£10.00
family 1 +2£9.95£12.95N/A£20( 2 +3 +)£6.00
Low season
Family 2 +2£12.95£16.95£20.50£16.00£10.00
family2 +1£8.95£11.95N/AN/A£6.00

Friendly Notes

Saint Nectan’s Glen and the waterfall are all part of a natural beauty spot and they come with all nature’s ways including lumps, bumps, mud, slopes and steps. We advise appropriate footwear, including wellies!

For children’s safety please ensure that children are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Dogs are welcome in the woodland and waterfall area. Please keep them on leads at the waterfall and ensure you poopick after your dog. This is for the sake of all folk….

We are working hard to protect and conserve the woodland and waterfall for the benefit of yourselves and generations to come.

Your visit and contribution help to cover our costs. All charges include VAT, which means you are assisting the Treasury as well!

Tea Rooms

There is a tea shop which sells refreshments.