Conservation and Development

How your admission fees help our conservation and development efforts:

We are working hard to protect and conserve the woodland and waterfalls for the benefit of today’s visitors and generations to come. Your visit and admission charge help contribute to that protection and conservation, as well as supporting the local community who benefit from employment and local contracts.

Our goals for 2022:


1 – Replenishing the woodland – we will be planting more than 1,000 trees which will benefit the planet and future generations – fallen trees are cut into logs and piles are used for essential wildlife habitats

2 – Introducing 150 metres of new Hedgerow planting – this will encourage and provide habitat and food for wildlife such as birds, bees and insects

3 – Preparation for the planting of a wildflower meadow – In collaboration with the Eden Project

4 – Hanging more than 50 bird, owl, and bat boxes

5 – Re-introducing more native trees and plants whilst removing invasive laurel

6 – Taking action to further reduce our carbon footprint by working collaboratively with even more local suppliers and employing local people

7 – Renewed focus on reducing our plastic usage and increasing our recycling and composting

8 – Expansion of our nature trail to include the addition of chickens and more beehives

9 – Monitoring and replacing Ash trees affected by the Ash Die Back disease

10 – Continuing to enhance the site with a new and improved Ice Cream & Confectionary Parlour

Walkway and viewing platform

In 2016, we completed the construction of our ‘waterfall walk’ in a minimally invasive way and in conjunction with English Nature and the local Council, allowing our visitors to see areas previously hidden from view. This includes a top view of the main waterfall from a dedicated viewing platform. Also, vast areas of invasive laurel (which over the years destroyed indigenous plants and shrubs) have now been removed; in its place, we have planted just under 4,000 trees, shrubs and flowers.