Nature Trail

Take an educational walk around the nature trail at St Nectan’s Glen

Our nature trail is a beautiful walk around the upper part of St Nectan’s Glen, and encourages minds young and old alike to look at the environment around them and where we sit within it allowing us to gain a perspective of our actions and how they affect the other creatures which reside alongside us.. There is opportunity to learn from observing the beautiful Atlantic temperate rainforest and heathland which is the home of our sacred and geologically unique waterfall. Inspect our bug hotel, home to all kinds of invertebrates, hunt for lizards and slowworms or take out the binoculars in our bird hide and spy the treeline for the varied avian life which inhabits our canopy. Recline on our cloud watching beds and fire up your imagination to see what shapes you can see as the clouds roll over you. You’ll also find our apiary along the trail, so you can gain an understanding of what bee-keeping entails. Keep your eyes peeled for the information boards and the finger posts dotted along the walk, take a rubbing from each and complete our activity booklet, piecing together the clues to a solution which will reward you with a small prize from the gift shop. It’s a great activity for the whole family, providing a fun and educational experience following the theme of nature and ecology. Our activity booklet is available from any of our till points for only £1.
Complete our activity booklet along the trail to piece together the clues and claim a small prize from the gift shop. A fun activity for the whole family.
After the walk, why not stop into the Tree of Life Cafe to refuel with a coffee or a cold drink and a slice of cake or some delicious home made food from our menu?