Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision and Values

OUR MISSION is about protecting and sharing a spiritual place of outstanding natural beauty and filled with history, giving people of all ages the chance to escape and appreciate, feel, be at one with nature and embrace the gift it continues to give us all;  so if you love nature, you’ll love St Nectan’s Glen.

OUR VISION is to enable and encourage nature to carry on doing its thing and grow, giving us the opportunity to learn from it and be in awe of what it has still yet to offer, as we continue to protect and nurture the environment within our little corner of paradise and beyond.

We love and care for our wonderful planet and the nature that flourishes around us and hope to inspire others to do the same…

…so we are working very hard to promote, restore and maintain the natural site we can all visit and enjoy today, come rain or shine. We are very proud to be part of nature’s journey and able to continue to provide our visitors one of the best most sacred and hidden gems of the Cornish landscape, for now and for many generations to come.

OUR VALUES come from having a dedicated team of people loving, caring and respecting this unique natural site with its wildlife and rare plants; they devote their time and knowledge to make St Nectan’s Glen a safe haven for the visitors we welcome back time and time again, as well as those who have yet to breathe in the spirit of the Glen.

Our passion, integrity, commitment to preserving nature’s ways and to share it as a fun and memorable experience also means that we are dedicated to offering great customer care throughout;

From practising sustainable development, protecting the quality of the environment, offering a stunning backdrop to your special occasion and comfortable accommodation in a mesmerising setting for your retreats or workshops, to making delicious homemade food and providing unique and beautiful gifts, jewellery and artwork in our gift shop – whatever your reason for visiting St Nectan’s Glen, we will make sure to look after you so that you leave us with a smile and plan your return.