Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision and Values

OUR MISSION is to protect and promote nature and wildlife. We will achieve this through the process of restoration, preservation, conservation, and education. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated staff team who love, care and respect this unique sacred site.

We hope that you will share our enthusiasm in protecting our environment, so that others can learn and be inspired by nature for generations to come.

OUR VISION is to encourage nature to flourish and grow, giving us the opportunity to learn from it and observe in awe of what it has still yet to offer, as we continue to protect and nurture the environment within our little corner of paradise and beyond.

We love and care for our wonderful planet and the nature that flourishes around us and hope to inspire others to do the same…

OUR VALUES come from having a dedicated team of people who truly love, care and respect this unique natural site inclusive of it’s wildlife and rare plants; we devote our time and knowledge to make St Nectan’s Glen a safe haven for not only the local fauna and flora, but the visitors we welcome back time and time again, as well as those who have yet to breathe in the essence of the Glen.

Our passion, integrity and commitment to preserving nature and to share it as a fun and memorable experience also means that we are dedicated to offering great customer care throughout.