Photography Policy


Personal Use Only

We only allow photography for personal use at St Nectan’s Glen.  Personal use includes sharing photos with your friends and family and posting them to your personal account on social media.

Commercial Photography

If you wish to take photographs at St Nectan’s Glen for commercial purposes then you must purchase a photography licence from us prior to taking any photographs. Commercial photography means taking photographs for financial gain or use for business.  Posting photographs of St Nectan’s Glen on the social media accounts of your business will be considered commercial use.

Why have we done this?

St Nectan’s Glen is private property.  It’s also a sacred site to many and a site of special scientific interest. We wish to ensure that everyone’s visit to St Nectan’s Glen is as special as possible and for that reason we want to keep photography to a minimum. Please respect this and be considerate of others when taking photographs for personal use.

For any questions or to discuss purchasing a licence, please contact