October Birthday Dragon

Pink Tourmaline

This pink gem symbolises compassion, emotional healing and self-love. It brings its keeper calm, sensitivity and happiness.

These stunning and playful birthstone dragons are skilfully moulded, embellished with sparkly coloured wings and enhanced with a glowing gem representing the special birthday month, making them a collectable and personal gift for your loved ones.

Each dragon comes attractively boxed as part of the Waterfall Collection. So, if you or your loved ones are into the likes of DragonHeart, Game of Thrones, Eragon and everything fire breathing and almighty creatures, check out all our dragons in the series, you’ll love them all!

Pewter Birthstone Fairies are also available as part of the Waterfall Collection. Please visit shop for details.

Height:: 4-5cm

Material: Pewter & synthetic gemstones

Please note: this is not a toy.

PLU: 3714