Waterfall One – St Nectans Kieve

At this sacred site of Saint Nectan’s Glen, the river Trevillet has carved its way through Late Devonian slate, created a magnificent 60 foot waterfall and punched a hole through the original kieve (basin). The water now cascades into a beautiful valley.

There is a shallow pool following the waterfall which with wellington boots (provided free of charge) you can walk in to see the full beauty of the waterfall.


The river Trevilet runs unceasingly along within a short distance of the old St. Nectan’s Chapel, the remains of which now form part of a house which shelters the spot believed to be St. Nectan’s Cell. The river then cascades over the rock, a beautiful fall of water, into St. Nectan’s Kieve. The crystal clear water in this deep rock basin overflows through a spectacular hole eroded through the rock. The river then continues over another waterfall, which takes it to the valley’s lower level.

Mosses, ferns and grasses adorn the fall, fringing every rock with a native drapery of the most exquisite beauty. Here is one of the wildest, most unspoilt, and most beautiful places in the UK, poetic, and coloured by legend. These waters are reputed to be healing, and watched over by the spirits of past guardians and friends of the Glen.

As with the Faery Stacks there are many reasons for this, some in memory of loved ones who have passed away, some for wishes. Offerings such as these have been part of the heritage of sacred wells since ancient times, and the continuing practice of leaving offerings will always link us to that past.

Saint Nectan’s Kieve is to some a sacred place, and numerous ribbons, crystals, photographs, inscriptions, prayers and other devotions now adorn the foliage and rock walls near the waterfall.