Mesmerising Waterfalls
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The Waterfalls of St Nectan’s Glen

Our beautiful waterfalls are indeed a miracle of nature.

St Nectan’s kieve carved by the river Trevillet rushing through its valley, creating one of the most stunning waterfalls of its kind, with its spectacular hole eroded through the rock where water gushes out falling into a shallow pool of crystal clear water, before continuing its way to the vale below, is truly mesmerising. Mosses, fern and grasses adorn the fall, fringing every rock with a native drapery of the most exquisite beauty.

St Nectan’s kieve is the site’s main waterfall attraction but not the only waterfall you’ll be able to delight your eyes and soul with.

Following on from the shallow pool at the feet of the kieve, water flows down into the stream and offers another beautiful waterfall scenery to the valley below. You might even be lucky enough to spot another, more hidden, waterfall near which we have opened an eco-friendly walkway through the woods to explore beyond, allowing better access to this little gem which was previously unseen and not accessible by the public; but beware, in times of drier weather, this particular fall may be a little sparser, however, this should in no way deter you from exploring and appreciating the charm and wonder these grounds have to offer.

Here lies one of the wildest, most unspoilt and beautiful places on Earth, poetic and coloured by legend. These waters are reputed to be healing and watched over by the spirits of past guardians and friends of the Glen.

Circular Walk

The circular walk combines all three waterfalls with stunning overhead views. Along the walk there is a chance to take in nature, statues, a viewing platform for the main waterfall as well as spectacular views of the woodland and wildlife.