St Nectans Glen Woodland Walk in Cornwall

St Nectan’s Glen woodland Walk to the Waterfall & Hermitage through an ancient woodland with ivy clad trees and along the banks of the River Trevillet as it sparkles and gurgles busily on it’s journey to the sea. A place where animals and birds play amid a mysticism of fairies, piskies* and spirits, serenaded by the wonderful sound of bird song.


This must be Cornwall’s best-kept secret. Across the main road from the car park in Trethevy, up to the right past the inscribed Roman pillar on the roadside by St. Piran’s, a former monastery, and on past some houses before you start the magical journey through St. Nectan’s Glen. You will enter a different world of deep tranquillity as you make your way along the edge of the river which meanders, sometimes rushing, over moss-covered rocks and pebbles under the most amazing canopy of ancient woodland.

As you progress along paths and slate beds worn into steps over hundreds of years, you will be able to hear the distant murmur of the waterfall. Don’t rush your journey; pause awhile here and there to absorb the glory of this place. Lose yourself in the amazing beauty, with a sense of time suspended and time eternal, with the wind through the trees, bird song, and the music of the water itself.

As you walk along the valley, over paths formed by the feet of countless travellers, amongst undergrowth following the contours imposed by the landscape, many a spot of quiet beauty invites you to pause; and reflecting, you feel that there is poetry in the air. Then, catching the murmur of the waters, the spell is broken, and you stride forward anxious to reach the holy “Kieve”, to visit the saint’s hermitage.

The area has been appointed a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to rare specimens of plants. Once at the hermitage enjoy a well deserved cream tea or coffee, visit our shop & gallery for gifts to take home and visit the meditation room for a time of self reflection.

Finally wander down to the Waterfall and experience one of Cornwall’s hidden treasures, one of natures beauties unspoilt by man. Whether you’re on a pilgrimage or a day out the reward is in natures embrace.

Please be aware, the walk is a nature walk and some parts may not be suitable for push chairs and those that find walking difficult