Our conservation work

How your admission fees help our conservation work

We are working hard to protect and conserve the woodland and waterfalls for the benefit of today’s visitors and generations to come. Your visit and admission charge help contribute to that protection and conservation, as well as supporting the local community who benefit from employment and local contracts.

Walkway and viewing platform

We have also spent a year building our ‘waterfall walk’ in a minimally invasive way, in conjunction with English Nature and the local Council, allowing our visitors to see areas previously hidden from view, including a top view of the main waterfall from a dedicated viewing platform. Also, vast areas of invasive laurel (which over the years destroyed indigenous plants and shrubs) have now been removed; in its place, we have planted just under 4,000 trees, shrubs and flowers.

Tree of Life Café

We’re also delighted to have been able to add an environmentally friendly, purpose-built and highly praised eatery to the site, known as the Tree of Life Café, with stunning views of our beautiful garden which overlooks the river feeding the waterfall.

Visit the Tree of Life Café page now for more information and photos of this enchantingly decorated relaxing space. Or better still, come and see us for a day of glorious nature trailing and watching, as well as delighting your taste buds with our delicious homemade food, afternoon teas and the best Cornish ice cream the world has to offer (we’re biased but we know you’ll love it!).

Please note that the Café and Ice Cream Parlour are both free of charge to access. Check our Opening Times page for up to date information.