What do we do with admission fees?

We are working hard to protect and conserve the woodland and waterfall for the benefit of today’s visitors and generations to come. Your visit and admission charge help contribute to that protection, as well as supporting the local community who benefit from employment and local contracts.  We have also spent a year building our new walk in a minimally invasive way, in conjunction with English Nature and the local Council, allowing our visitors to see areas previously hidden from view, including a top view of the main waterfall from a dedicated viewing platform.


This year we cleared vast areas of invasive laurel, which over the years has destroyed indigenous plants and shrubs. In its place we have planted just under 4,000 indigenous trees, shrubs and flowers.

This year we’re building a new Café and Heritage Centre with the aim of opening in 2017, to offer greater shelter in inclement weather and a source of education in the future. Our aim is to protect nature, inspire others to do the same and put a smile on our visitors faces.