Nature & Wildlife at St Nectan’s Glen

Wildlife Wonder

The site on which St Nectan’s Glen sits has been appointed a Site of Special Scientific Interest for a good reason; the amounts and specimens of rare plants that live and grow, as well as all of the wildlife living within and around the site, is quite truly amazing.

From the small and hardworking creatures that are field mice, bats, woodpeckers, butterflies, blue and grey tits, dragonflies, and moths to the larger ones like buzzards, deer and even sometimes otters! Not forgetting our faithful and cheeky robins which leisurely flies into the gift shop demanding their grub if it’s not out on their tree trunk on time!

We love to let nature do its thing and we also want to encourage it to further develop and give our visitors the chance to, not only feel at one with nature itself, but also explore more of what this natural site has to offer, which is why you will delight in the following added little gems during your visit:

  • The Buggingham Palace: a true palace for all bugs, great and small; See how many you can recognise!
  • The Potager: a wonderful herb garden with Lavender, Chamomile, Thyme, Marjoram, Sage, Dill, Rosemary, Sorrel and Wild Mint to name but a few!
  • B-Well Village: a buzzzy and beautiful bumblebee village coming soon (March 2021). Did you know that Bumblebees scent-mark the flowers they have visited?
  • BusyBees Beehives: coming soon (March 2021). Did you know that male bees are called ‘drones’? Their purpose is to mate with a new queen bee, but come winter, as the hive goes into survival mode, the drones are kicked out!

We have many other nature-friendly projects in the pipeline and are continually looking to give nature the helping hand it needs whenever it needs it, as well as making our visitors’ experience a full and happy one – from the very young to the less so, there is something for everyone at St Nectan’s Glen but the message remains as important today as for generations to come: be at one with nature, love it, nurture it, protect it and respect it;

Love Nature, Love St Nectan’s Glen.