Woodland Walk

Welcome to the beautiful woodland walk* to St Nectan’s Glen.

Crossing the main road on foot from the car park in Trethevy, and following it up to the right, you will pass the inscribed Roman pillar on the roadside by St Piran’s Church (a former monastery). Walk a little further, past a few private houses, and here starts the magical journey to St. Nectan’s Glen. Be prepared to enter a world filled with an abundance of tranquility as you make your way along the edge of the river which meanders and babbles over moss-covered rocks and pebbles under the most amazing canopy of ancient woodland.

As you progress along the paths and slate beds, worn over hundreds of years into steps, you will be able to hear the distant murmur of the waterfall but don’t rush to your destination – spots of quiet beauty invite you to pause, reflect and absorb the atmosphere. With a sense of being suspended in time, listen to the wind sweep through the ancient trees, the songs of birds and the sweet sound of the nearing waterfall itself.

Whether you’re on a pilgrimage or a day out with family, reward yourself with nature’s embrace.

*Please be aware that the walk is a nature track. Therefore some parts may not be suitable for pushchairs or people with walking difficulties. The walk is accessible free of charge.

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with IWalkCornwall. This is an amazing App you can download which has 306 walks all across Cornwall. There are two which specifically pass through our woodlands at St Nectan’s Glen called https://www.iwalkcornwall.co.uk/walk/bossiney_to_condolden and https://www.iwalkcornwall.co.uk/walk/bossiney_to_rocky_valley

The walks are incredibly detailed and regularly updated explaining what sort of terrain to expect, level of difficulty and any points of interest along the way. They have also remarked upon types of gates and stiles to help plan your walk with four legged friends too.

Once a walk is downloaded, the app doesn’t need a phone or wifi signal during the walk.