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  • Hello
    just wondering if you will be opening your doors specially this December 21st for the solstice??
    I cant think of any where in the world I would rather be!
    Heres hoping
    kind regards

  • Jeremy Heath says:

    I first visited St. Nectan’s Glen over 30 years ago, after reading about it in an old Tintagel walking guide. I remember visiting and there was a little teashop I’m sure, but the next year the site was derelict even though it was still magical. I visit Tintagel every year, and a couple of years later I met a Barry Litton, who had bought it and revamped it. Every year I returned and it has remained one of my favourite places, along with the castle and the Hall in the village (where you can find my display of original membership documents I collected over the years!) along with the Boscastle witchcraft museum. It has become more than a visit, it is almost a NEED to return to the area each year!
    I knew Barry was intending to move on, and I just wished I could have bought the place, but I am SO glad it has been passed to people who care for it and I am pleased things look good for the future under your guardianship. I love the website, and I am visiting next week. I am a freelance artist and decided to paint the waterfall, intending to bring the paintings down and sell them, but sold my first one immediately. I painted another, and have sent images to see what you think? The tall one is sold) I could bring one along and see if it sparks any interest?
    Anyway, My very best wishes. Jeremy Heath.

  • Mrs Amanda Almond says:


    Just wondered can you let me know what the admission charges are as we plan to pay a visit in a couple of weeks time, when we are down on holiday. We came two years ago and I personally found it a magical spot. Hope to hear from you soon. We are a group 3 adults and children aged 17 and 14. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards
    Amanda Almond

  • Hello! I’m a lover of mystical places like this and I’m heading over at the end of September. We’re staying in a cottage near Tintagel and we’re hoping to visit a lot of places like this in our week’s stay. Looking at all your comments and the lovely pictures I’m sure I’m going to get willingly lost amoung the trees and many legends abounding there. Can’t wait!!

  • Visited this place today and was truly amazed at the spiritual experience. A beautiful walk up to the waterfall prepares you nicely for the wonderfully enlightening feeling you get when you finally get down to the waterfall. I love the touching tributes to both living and those who have moved on as well as the kind offerings to the fairies and piskies…..remember, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there! I shall return within the week!

  • Peter Trummer (Austria) says:

    Hope You are fine!!! So many times I think back to our visit in the glen and the beautiful days in boscastle. I tried to contact You by SMS, but it failed. Now I try it on this way ;O) Perhaps I hear from You my brother in mind. Greetings to all the lovely people (Gipsy and all from the nice circle)! Wish You all the best and looking forward to hear from You! :O) Happy Samhain

    • Hi Peter, it is so lovely to hear from you. Yes we often talk you both and lovely it was to have you join our circle. please let us know if you plan on visiting the UK again and we can organise a reunion.

      many blessings my freind


  • Hi
    I visted the glen not long ago and it was the most magical spiritual place I’ve ever been.
    I completely loved the feeling of god, the angels,faries piskies throughout the glen. I completely loved it. I wish i could visit every day. Many thanks god blessxxx throughout the glen and

  • Me and my family have visited Ste Nectan’s Glen on Sunday18thNovember. We were greeted by very kind and friendly lady in the cafe . Once we got to the bottom of the steps we were astonished by the outstanding beauty of this special spot. We will be back-soon!

  • Emily Northcott says:

    A really good recent trip to Cornwall with my mum and friends was completed by a visit to St Nectans Glen. My mum, Fee, is very spiritual and was drawn to the woods some years ago. It is a beautiful, stunning place, I am so glad she shared with us. I felt such peace and spirit here as she does, and I too can’t wait to share this beautiful place with my
    daughter one day. Thank you.

  • The Ibbertson family says:

    We are happy to hear that St Nectan’s Glen is in good hands and love the new website. We have visited many times with our daughters and dogs. This magical place is so special for all of us and we hope to return soon. Look forward to meeting you then.
    Bec, Craig, Ivy and Margot and Jean-Claude and Emma too! xxx

  • pete magennis says:

    Well done to the new guardians of the Glen. Your hard work and dedication transformed our visit in 2012 to something much more special than our visit the previous year. My heart really went out to you when I saw that big fridge you and your mates had to lug all the way up the hill. Me and other half are really looking forward to seeing the glen again and seeing you lot again. Once again a heartfelt thanks for a magical visit and your very warm welcome.

  • Is the icon of Saint Nectan still in the meditation room? It is by the priest who was the founder of the Orthodox monastery at Walsingham. I reproduced it. If it has decayed (the conditions in that room are a bit damp) I’d be glad to make another for you if you like.
    Lovely web site!

  • Hi I visited with my daughters about seven or eight years ago and we all remember the day with so much delight.What an absolutely wonderful, beautiful, magical place. There was a big furry cuddly cat there who looked like Bagpuss! We hope to return in the not too distant future and wish you well. Blessings.Julie,Natalie and Sarah Morris

  • Can anyone give me any information on the ghostly monk sightings? I only ask because I am basing my Waterfalls Project on St Nectans Glen. I came here almost two years ago! Please respond as soon as possible! Thank You!!!
    Georgia 🙂 x

  • We visited the waterfall on Sunday 3rd March and were mesmerised by it’s power and the feeling of serenity there. We actually saw St Nectans Glen featured on Countryfile so whilst staying in Tintagel we had to visit. I can definately say we’ll be back, maybe when the waters are a little warmer though as it was rather cold when I dipped my toes in, I couldn’t resist though! The medtation room was also lovely. Wish I could visit all the time! Keep up the good work protecting this spiritual place. 🙂

  • My husband and I visited the falls during the Easter break and loved it! A bit of a walk to it but so worth the effort. The walk itself was beautiful and the falls amazing! I wish we had known to take wellies – we had to hop in the stream in the shallower bits and stand on flat stones to get to see the wonderfull falls. Still, it’s a great place to visit and very peaceful.

  • Nicola Kennaugh says:

    Growing up in Devon, we regularly had holidays in North Cornwall and visited St Nectan’s Glen in the 1970’s when it was a sort of secret place – my mother always found it rather spooky but we loved it as kids. Having lived abroad and in London, we are now back in North Devon and I cannot wait to take my 6 year old daugther and am just thrilled it is now open as knew it was on the market – we hope to be down the May half-term and visit Tintagel at the same time – I cannot wait.

  • It must be 40 odd years sice I first visited St. Nectans, we had driven past the car park a number of times and seen an old lady sitting at the entrance charging a fee for parking. Out of curiosity we stopped one day and she directed us to the waterfall. If I remember correctly there was a derelict cottage at the top of the waterfall and the only sound to be heard was a thumping sound which I think was a water pump of some sort providing water to the cottage. I always wondered if the old lady actually lived at the cottage or owned the site. Perhaps someone knows? I will be back again this year but hope the weather is a bit better this time.

  • Suzie Keld says:

    We had a fabulous day out and St Nectan’s Glen is magical !!! We will definately be visiting again, Vicky was very helpful, very friendly and a lovely lady, Suzie

  • Clare Hurd says:

    A truly beautiful place, don’t be put off by the walk as its more than worth it. The whole place is a sight to behold and leaves you with a feeling of complete tranquility. We loved everything about it. Truly a magical place.

  • Purpletreemama says:

    I first visited St Nectan’s Glen in 1988, then again in 1989. I revisited in 2011 and was horrified to find out it was for sale. St Nectan’s Glen entered my thoughts today so I thought I would google to see what has happened to this special place. What I have found is very pleasing. Looking forward to my next visit, and I won’t leave it 20 years this time!

  • Malcolm Smith says:

    Had a lovely day out, People so nice and helpful in the cafe, the water fall just amazing so peaceful and tranquil. We will be back again soon.

  • It was wonderful returning to the magical St Nectan’s Kieve once again, and to feel the powerful energies given off by this most amazing and mystical of places. It was lovely to meet you and to see how much you care about this beautiful place. I am so happy to know that it is now in such safe hands, you have truly done a fantastic job! Coming to this place is like a pilgrimage for me and the energies from the waterfall always remain with me between visits. We will be returning once again in October and am so excited because we will be staying very close to the waterfall this time…… Halgabron!! Look forward to meeting you again.
    Many blessings,

  • Merry Meet Loz
    I brought my wife up to you for the first time in May this year and she was blown away with it of how it felt and she loved it as did my two son’s who had never been before I have lost count how many times for myself.
    My wife made it up the glen and down to the falls but could not make it back so Vicky took us back in the land rover.I am so thankful for that.
    Love and Light to you both
    Bright Blessings
    Merry we part Ian

  • Hi, my girlfriend and I visited for first time yesterday and we staggered at what a treasure it is. Many thanks to Loz and the Owners for the excellent work and thanks for sharing such a wonder with us all.

  • My partner and I last visited St Nectan’s Glen 5 years ago, and as we were back in Boscastle again, decided we could not miss a return trip so came back on Wednesday 18th September 2013. We found the staff in the café and the shop very friendly, warm and helpful. We can recommend the tasty cheese and chutney sandwiches and tea in the café (much needed after walking all morning!) The café, shop and upstairs space are miles better than they were 5 years ago, it’s a really fabulous space now. We also loved the brilliant new design of the promotional literature (very artistic and apt) and the great range of goods on sale in the shop. After lunch we went down to the waterfall. Truly, words cannot describe it and no image can capture in any sense the feeling of standing before it and in the waters. We had forgotten how amazing and awe inspiring it is.
    Thank you very much to the new custodian and his colleagues for making our trip so memorable. You are doing an excellent job there, and we wish you every success for the future.

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