Memory Benches at St Nectan’s Glen

Honour a loved one with a commemorative bench to sit and take in the ambience of


The Glen.

We recognise that St Nectans Glen is a very sacred and spiritual place for many of our visitors. As such we are now offering visitors the opportunity to purchase memory benches, in memory of a loved one, with an engraved brass plaque as per the one in the photo below.  This will initially be limited to a maximum of 20 benches across the site.

Once purchased, the brass plaque can be customised to whatever you desire, it will take three weeks to be manufactured and be ready to be positioned in the desired location. The bench will then remain in that location for family and loved ones to enjoy in remembrance for years to come.

Our benches are hand made by a local joiner, have been pressure treated to cope with the unique weather conditions at St Nectan’s Glen, and are made from ethically sourced timber.











Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01840 779538 or for any further information